Preparation of tax reports

Any mistakes made in the preparation of tax reports can negate the efforts of not only the accounting (tax service), but also the entire management of the company. The negative consequences of such mistakes can be expressed in tax assessments and penalties exceeding the company's spending budgets. Our specialists have considerable experience in rendering practical assistance in drafting tax reports for companies that do different business and have different scale of activities, including subsoil users.

The services are concluded in the preparation of tax reports, including, in agreement with the client, tax registers, based on accounting data, taking into account the tax accounting policy of the taxpayer. In the process of providing services, the taxpayer will be informed of all the "sensitive" issues that may arise when filling out tax reports for the development of agreed decisions.

As a rule, the service for preparation of tax reports does not include verification of the reliability of accounting (unless otherwise agreed). Nevertheless, , any questions and omissions that will become known to our specialists in the process of processing accounting data for the preparation of tax reports will be brought to the customer of services.