Tax disputes

Tax disputes

Our company renders services in representation of the client's interests in relations with tax authorities, including during tax inspections, consideration of the legality of decisions of tax service bodies and support of the appeal process in a higher tax authority, law proceeding, including:

  • consideration of issues of enforceability of decisions made by tax authorities (including, at the stage of formation of the preliminary report of tax audit);
  • evaluation of the prospects for appeal, for each item of the audit report and agreement with the client for further actions, taking into account the established practice;
  • preparation of a complaint to a higher tax authority and representation of the client's interests when it is considered;
  • preparation of documents for appeal to the court and participation in the judicial process

Attention! The initial analysis of the tax audit report is carried out at no charge. The analysis results are communicated to the client verbally, during the discussion.

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