Audit of financial statement

Audit of financial statement is an independent audit procedure to express an opinion as to whether the company's financial reports have been prepared in all material respects in accordance with the established conceptual framework for the provision of financial reports (IFRS, NFRS, etc.).

An increasingly important role in modern conditions conduct of business is played by a competent assessment of financial reports:

• to formation the confidence of public in the integrity and openness of the company's business;

• for making optimal decisions by shareholders, participants, owners of the company;

• to improve the management of the company;

• to strengthen relations with customers, creditors and potential investors of the company.

Also, the audit of financial report prepared in accordance with IFRS for certain business entities is dictated by the legislative requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the audit, the auditor provides a reasonable, but not absolute level of assurance that the information being the subject of the audit does not contain material misstatement. In the audit report (conclusion), this is expressed in the form of positive reasonable confidence.

The concept of reasonable certainty is a concept related to the accumulation of audit evidence necessary for the auditor to conclude that the financial report considered in general do not contain material misstatement.

Our specialists, in compliance with all requirements of the legislation and applicable International Standards on Auditing, will provide you with an audit report that expresses an independent, objective opinion on the reliability of the financial reports and on the results of your company's financial and economic operations.

In addition to the audit report, a letter may be submitted to the company's management, which will describe all the significant deficiencies and risks of the accounting and internal control system detected during the audit procedures.

The specialists of our company have vast practical experience in the audit of financial statements of companies of various industry affiliations, including subsoil users (oil and gas, mining, uranium).