Tax audit

Tax audit

Tax audit (tax inspection), is an examination of the tax accounting system and tax reporting of the company in order to identify and timely eliminate mistakes before the tax audit by the supervisory authorities.

Based on the results of the tax audit, recommendations are developed and presented describing the identified risks, recommendations for their elimination, both at the level of individual operations and at the level of organization of the tax accounting system in general, the company's untapped tax optimization capabilities, taking into account the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Within the framework of tax audit, an analysis of disputed tax situations is carried out, and also possible solutions are developed on the basis of an assessment of the prospects for a tax dispute over them.

Also, considering that tax accounting is based on accounting data and the IFRS, an analysis of the applied accounting methodology and all applicable IFRS is performed to assess their impact on the company's taxation.

The specialists of our Company have a vast practical experience in the field of tax audit of companies engaged in different businesses, including subsoil users.

Within the framework of tax audit, the following is carried out:

  • Analysis of sector patterns, organizational structure, and specifity of the company's activities, technological basis and the logistics chain of the taxpayer;
  • Analysis of the taxation system structure and identification of the main factors affecting the taxation of the company;
  • Checking the methodology for calculating taxes and other mandatory payments to the budget;
  • Legal, accounting and tax examination of the system of financial and economic relations;
  • Overall assessment of the document flow system from the point of view of forming an evidence base for tax purposes;
  • Documentary verification of transactions, based on a specific (or agreed) sampling;
  • Verification of the correctness of tax calculations and preparation of tax reports;
  • Verification of the legal use of tax benefits, including the application of international treaties;
  • Assessment of the risk of additional taxation, penalties and fines;
  • Development of recommendations on elimination of tax risks based on the norms of legislation and current practice;
  • And other (according to the terms of reference, taking into account the sector characteristics, specificity and scale of the client's business).

Based on our experience the tax audit has a prolonged economic effect. Interacting with the team of our Company, specialists of accounting and tax services of other companies also receive a significant training effect, often incomparable in efficiency with various training programs.


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