Tax accounting policy

The availability of tax accounting policy and tax registers with a taxpayer is required by the tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As established by the Tax Code, the tax accounting policy is a document adopted by the taxpayer (tax agent) that establishes the procedure for maintaining tax accounting. Also, the taxpayer determines the forms of generalization and systematization of information for tax purposes in the form of tax registers in such a way in order to ensure:

1) formation of complete and reliable information on the accounting procedure for tax purposes of transactions carried out by a taxpayer (tax agent) during the tax period;

2) decoding of each line of tax reporting forms;

3) reliable preparation of tax reports;

4) provision of information to tax authorities for tax control.

The specialists of our Company have considerable practical experience in developing tax accounting policies and tax registers for various companies, including:

  • Subsoil users, including methodologies, taking into account the requirements for separate record keeping under contract and non-contractual activities and in the existence of several subsoil use contracts, as well as in the development of a low-profit, high-viscosity, watered, low-yield and developed field (group of deposits, part of the field);
  • Groups of companies.

Tax accounting policies developed by our company are designed:

  • To choose tax accounting options in cases specified by tax legislation, subject to the right to choose, taking into account the economic effect;
  • To reduce the risks of arbitrary interpretation of tax laws by the tax authorities during tax inspections on issues not regulated by the Tax Code and / or creating conflicts;
  • To link the methodology of tax accounting with IFRS and regulatory legal acts of other branches of legislation (the Civil Code, the Law on "Subsoil and Subsoil Use", etc.) in cases specified in the Tax Code;
  • To use the possibilities of tax planning, both prospectively and for the past periods, according to requirements of the tax legislation.

As agreed with the Customer, we can provide a service for the development of terms of references to automate the company's tax registers, linking the tax registers with the chart of accounts, as well as codes and analysts provided for in the customer's accounting system, in order to form the basis for automatic unloading of tax registers from software accounting.