Outsourcing (accounting, tax accounting, personnel records, management records; internal control system) is the effective anti-crisis solution.

Benefits of outsourcing services procurement expressed in the form of possibilities to focus on the main types of activity laying all the work and responsibility for organization of additional business process on Specialist Company which has qualified staff, significant methodological and practical experience and quality of internal control system.

In addition to the above the following can be referred to benefits of outsourcing (but not limited0:

  • Elimination of risks connected with labor relationships;
  • Releasing the company’s resources (staff, location, equipment and specialist software, time on interaction with controlling bodies, external and internal auditors);
  • Risk minimization from the factor of human error;
  • The increasing of job descriptions quality of realization on account of professionalism, set business processes, knowledge and gathered practice of specialized company;
  • The increasing of employee competence of company-customer on account of share experience and knowledge;
  • Risk sharing of specialized company under terms of the agreement of a civil law character;
  • Confidentiality and safety.