A review of financial statements

A review of financial statements – is an audit, as a result of which the auditor expresses his confidence in the information, which is the subject of review that it doesn’t contain any material misstatement.

The objective of a review of financial reporting – to provide the auditor the opportunity to state, on the basis of which does not provide all the necessary evidence that would be required in the course of the audit, whether the auditor has found anything that gives him grounds to believe that the financial reports are not prepared in all material respects in accordance with these basic principles of financial reporting (negative confidence).

The labor inputs and cost of reviewing financial reports are generally less than the cost of the audit.

An agreement on conducting review provides an average level of assurance that the information being reviewed does not contain significant distortions. This is expressed in the form of negative confidence.

Our specialists, meeting all the requirements of the legislation and the applicable International Standards on Auditing, will provide you an audit report on the review of financial reports that expresses an independent, objective opinion on the reliability of financial reports and on the results of your company's financial and economic activities in the form of negative confidence.