Tax review

The tax review is an optimized, in scope and cost, version of the tax audit. The tax review is carried out mainly through analytical procedures. Based on the knowledge and considerable practical experience of our specialists, the most vulnerable areas of accounting and tax accounting will be analyzed, taking into account the specificity of the company's activities, in order to identify systemic risks that form significant (material) tax risks for the company's operations.

Based on the results of the tax review, we will develop written recommendations (report) on the elimination of violations identified during the review, describing any significant tax risks and measures for their elimination. Also, proceeding from the current regulations and our experience, we can recommend the procedure for application of tax law rules, if such procedures have not been carried out and are economically viable for the company.

Also, we draw your attention to the TAX EXPRESS-OVERVIEW service, which is an optimized, in scope and cost, version of the tax review. Usually such a service is necessary for clients in case of their limited time for assessing and correcting tax risks. The tax express overview is conducted mainly through analytical procedures of the tax system in order to identify only more significant (material) tax risks. In addition, all identified risks and recommendations upon the tax express overview will be brought to the attention of the tax (accounting) service during its conduct to promptly correct mistakes made.


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