On October 09-10, a seminar for companies - subsoil users "Taxation of Subsoil Users in Oil and Gas Sector" was held in Almaty

In the framework of the seminar, leading experts of ARBAudit, were considered:

IFRS in the taxation of companies

Overall assessment of the impact of IFRS on taxation

∙ Legal status of IFRS for tax purposes

∙ Professional judgment - how to protect before tax authorities

Corporate Income Taxes - Accounting for fixed assets in oil and gas companies

Corporate Income Tax - other matters

Excess profits tax

Value Added Tax. CIT at the source of payment

Property tax

Changes to tax accounting policies

Other innovations of the Tax Code

Inventory practice (for example, deposits), including:

∙ Planning, organizing and conducting inventories

∙ Assessment of tax implications based on the results of field inventories

Taxes and payments of subsoil users


The ARBAudit team thanks the company High Level Education for organizing a high-level seminar and looks forward to further fruitful cooperation.

We wish success to all participants of the seminar in their hard work!